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You’ve heard the taglines “Live, Local and Late Breaking” on your local news. But, what is news?  And, how do you make the news? You might also be wondering how to get national news. Our team at Chemistry PR and Multimedia knows the formula!

We can give hundreds of examples of how we’ve generated great news for our clients. Some that immediately come to mind are below:

  • After the announcement that Kim Kardashian was divorcing after only 72 days in 2011, our team pitched our clients who are authors of the book, “How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy.” Well, after pitching national news outlets, Chris Kuban was able to secure ABC National News and Nightline to cover his clients from Crestwood, Missouri for a national news segment. This catapulted book sales.
  • For the Gary Sinise Foundation, our team would routinely choose special days of the year to make huge announcements or give away specially adapted smart homes to severely injured veterans. Those days would be memorable such as September 11th, Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day, etc. etc. etc. We’d always get stories on local news by doing this and/or helping the local news package the story to go national.
  • Using National Stroke Awareness Month in May to help the World Pediatric Stroke Association promote the fact that children can have strokes as well.
  • In using the World Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims, our team was able to secure news on every local TV station and in the St. Louis Post Dispatch to draw attention to the fact the two individuals were killed on South Broadway by hit and run drivers. As such, we were able to draw attention to needed changes to the roadway to increase public safety.
  • While hosting 29 Gold Star Families for the Gary Sinise Foundation at the Macey’s Day Parade, we knew there would be no opportunity to get local or national news coverage because there were so many stories. We hooked local media by offering a Thanksgiving Dinner above Times Square event which drove media to cover the story. And, since we took our own film crew to capture the parade events, the media used our video to cover the story.

In providing timely and unique ideas for news to want to produce story segments is what we’re really good at developing. We then take our story ideas to the next level by strategizing who best to pitch these stories to.

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Chemistry is a full-service Multimedia and Public Relations Agency!

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About Us

Scientific Analysis + Artistic Methodology = Chemistry

Chemistry PR and Multimedia was founded in 2009 by Chris Kuban with an acute perception that social media was changing the way companies viewed traditional communications. The lines between journalism, public relations, marketing, advertising and video production began to blur. Chris envisioned an evolution in helping organizations formulate their brands through both an artistic and scientific approach.

With the vision that successful brands require a strategic formula of multiple messages through multiple media to effectively create a return on investment (ROI), Chris established Chemistry PR and Multimedia as a metaphoric illustration in emphasizing his philosophy of how to best help his clients.

Routinely ranked as one of the Best PR Firms in St. Louis and Best Marketing Firms in St. Louis by Small Business Monthly Magazine, Chemistry’s non-traditional business model of consultants provide diverse and experienced team that engages, manages, and oversees local and national consultants, suppliers, vendors, and employees to effectively represent our clients in their overall goals.

While based in St. Louis, Missouri, this small company has produced big results for organizations from Los Angeles to New York, and Tampa to Seattle. In producing hundreds of high-profile media events nationwide, we have the experience to assist you!

Chris Kuban - Owner, Chemistry PR and Multimedia
Chris Kuban PR Expert Interview
Chris Kuban PR Expert Interview

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