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Public Engagement Training & Message Maps

It’s not easy “get your MESSAGE to the audience.” First, you need to know what your MESSAGE is, and second, how to communicate your message in a way that speaks to what the audience cares about most. Organizations that put out the wrong message can cost themselves money, disengage their customers and employees, and worst-case scenario, harm their reputations. This is why you need public engagement training.

In most cases, a company’s MESSAGE will be a concern for its customers and how the company is helping them. It’s that simple. Sometimes, the shareholder, employee, or community is the focus of the MESSAGE. Although you will find that by focusing on concern for the customers, the needs of the shareholder are, in turn, usually met. Common mistakes organizations make include putting out the wrong message and failing to convey a well-organized message that offers real solutions to real problems.

We believe all organizations need a MESSAGE MAP. This is a simple, visual tool that captures your MESSAGE, offers PROOF POINTS to explain the “how” and “why”.

A well-crafted MESSAGE MAP helps audiences to know why they should care — what’s in it for them? The Message Map was invented by my late colleague Tripp Frohlichstein, the dean of media training. It has helped countless companies and organizations reach their customers and the public.

Our PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT TRAINING sessions start with a focus on MESSAGE MAPS and how to develop them for specific interviews. Using a good message map helps you to be heard. It also keeps you in control for a positive outcome during an interview with the media.

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Chemistry PR and Multimedia Offers Expert Media Training in Full or Half-Day Public Engagement Training Workshops which include:

  • Message Maps: Developing clear/convincing messages that resonate with your publics. The session will include PowerPoint and video examples. Topics covered include but are not limited to:
    • Learning to think in terms of the WIIFM (What’s In It For ME) for audiences
    • Benefits of using a message map
    • Identifying your “Home Base”, and why repeating it is important
    • Choosing your Positive Points and Proof Points that pass the “who cares?” test
    • Why allLeaders should use mission-driven language with all audiences, including employees, customers, shareholders, and government regulators!
  • Public Engagement Training 101: Sharing your story with the media in today’s social world. How to stay in control during a media interview. The session will include PowerPoint and video examples. Topics covered include:
    • How the media think, understanding media deadlines, and your rights with reporters
    • The importance of brevity and conciseness, avoiding jargon
    • Answering questions directly and honestly (no evasion)
    • Pitfalls of “no comment” and what to say instead
    • How not to repeat the negative
  • Communicating During a Crisis: Dos and Don’ts to ensure you protect your reputation and retain customer loyalty. The session will include PowerPoint and video examples. Topics covered include:
    • Mess up … Fess Up … Dress Up!: Learn the basics of communicating in a crisis and reporting your own bad news
    • How not to repeat the negative
    • Developing Message Maps for crisis situations and having a “Home Base” that puts your customers and employees ahead of corporate profits
  • Delivering a Killer Presentation: How to win the hearts and minds of your audience
    • Are you guilty of “Death by PowerPoint?”
    • How to make your audience care about your topic
    • Using Message Maps to keep yourself focused on what’s important to your audience
    • Tips from the pros on preparing and rehearsing

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About Us

Scientific Analysis + Artistic Methodology = Chemistry

Chemistry PR and Multimedia was founded in 2009 by Chris Kuban with an acute perception that social media was changing the way companies viewed traditional communications. The lines between journalism, public relations, marketing, advertising and video production began to blur. Chris envisioned an evolution in helping organizations formulate their brands through both an artistic and scientific approach.

With the vision that successful brands require a strategic formula of multiple messages through multiple media to effectively create a return on investment (ROI), Chris established Chemistry PR and Multimedia as a metaphoric illustration in emphasizing his philosophy of how to best help his clients.

Routinely ranked as one of the Best PR Firms in St. Louis and Best Marketing Firms in St. Louis by Small Business Monthly Magazine, Chemistry’s non-traditional business model of consultants provide diverse and experienced team that engages, manages, and oversees local and national consultants, suppliers, vendors, and employees to effectively represent our clients in their overall goals.

While based in St. Louis, Missouri, this small company has produced big results for organizations from Los Angeles to New York, and Tampa to Seattle. In producing hundreds of high-profile media events nationwide, we have the experience to assist you!

Chris Kuban - Owner, Chemistry PR and Multimedia
Chris Kuban PR Expert Interview
Chris Kuban PR Expert Interview

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