Dancing through Diversity: The complicated journey toward inclusion

Diversity is an important part of the new workforce and society as a whole. The upsurge in the need for corporate social responsibility is undeniable. Consumers, as well as employees, are becoming more choosy about who they do business with, preferring an ethical company to one of greed. People in both categories are also thinking […]

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How to Write a Great Press Release!

There are a number of essential tools of the trade in Public Relations. Few are as essential as a great press release! The main purpose of a press release is to present a short, compelling story to a number of media outlets in order to elicit interest in the story – enough interest to feature […]

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Time With the Boss – Chris Kuban

Originally Published in the St. Louis Small Business Monthly, March 1, 2015 Website: www.ChemistryMultimedia.com  Industry: Public Relations, Event Management and Video Production What is your mission? Chemistry Multimedia’s mission is to effectively formulate brands using multiple messages through multiple mediums. Specifically, we focus on assisting clients through media relations, event management, video production and effective communications strategies […]

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