5 Tips to Holding a Great Press Conference

When planning a Press Conference, public announcement or any media event, it is imperative to consider even the smallest of details to ensure proper coverage of your event.

press conferenceThe optics of setting up your event is important! This is the way it will be viewed by the media and members of the general public. Therefore, considering proper placement of the podium, messaging, backdrop and media position is vital to an effective event. Sometimes, especially during crisis, organizers forget this important fact and media aimlessly wander around getting their own angles and their own ideas of how they want to tell the story.

We offer the following Tips in properly presenting your message effectively at a press conference or media event…

  • Prepare and Pitch: Preparation in writing an accurate media release with a catchy hook, as well as getting it to the correct person at the news desk is extremely important. Hopefully, this gets your event on the daybook. Consider calling each news desk at least 5 hours before your event to ensure they have it scheduled and ask if they plan to send a crew to cover the event.
  • Proper Signage/Messaging and Backdrop: Place a “seal” or short “slogan” on the front of the podium or directly behind or above the main area where speakers will be presenting. This allows for the message to be read by viewers. Ensure that your backdrop is appropriate or helps tell your story. Use caution when placing people or kids as a backdrop or in the forefront because their facial expressions and personalities are completely unpredictable.
  • Easy Media Access: Provide a “Mult Box” for media to plug into so they can get their sound directly from the main microphone –Mult Boxes allow for audio to be run from one microphone and spit to many other outputs. Remember, placing multiple mics on a podium limit the amount of space on the podium you can use for your remarks, and cause a possible scene if a mic falls off the podium or a reporter needs to leave early. Having a Mult box and specialized area for the Media to get audio increases the chance of getting great sound bites.
  • Keep the Program Short: Writing out a specific Run-of-Show detailing who’s speaking and when is important to keep the event on-track. Writing out short scripts, not allowing speakers to go off-topic and maintaining targeted messaging, will help keep your programs’ message on-target.
  • Follow-up: Prior to the press conference, make sure that the media have copies of your press release. Tell them the run of show and follow-up immediately after the announcement to see if they would like personal interviews with any of the participants. Also, if you plan to provide back-up video, photos, plans, etc, please do so immediately. If you promise something to the media, make sure you get it to them in a quickly because they are always on deadline to finish and move on to the next story.

Our team at Chemistry Multimedia, LLC follows the above steps in establishing our media events across the country. Not all circumstances allow you to follow these guidelines every time, but if you use them in developing your media events, your message will have a better chance of receiving accurate and thorough coverage.