5 Video Marketing Ideas to WOW Your Audience…

Do you ever notice the ticker in the lower right corner of a YouTube video that records the number of views of each video? I’m astounded sometimes to see videos with over 12 million views! That’s untapped potential, smart marketing, and something else…for videos to be watched, shared, and watched again, they need that intangible something that keeps us engaged for those few minutes. Videos have the potential to move us intellectually and emotionally.

We watch as stories unfold, finding ourselves tapping our feet or humming to the music. We laugh out loud, shed a tear, learn, comment, and share. Marketing videos offer the visceral experience of Sensory Stimulation; learning that encompasses impacting the senses, emotion, memory, and the desire for more, or to be part of something. In addition to traditional marketing videos, we can widen the lens to create experiences that offer joy, insight, thought, or a desired connection with your business and you.

Five creative ideas that can help you connect with your audience:

1) Engage Employees

Allow team members to create videos that show your company, product, mission, or perspective through the their eyes. Host a creative video idea contest, allowing your employees to submit an individual or team idea with raw video footage. Easily facilitated and a morale booster, this interactive team approach can help your company gain an audience quickly and show your investment in them. Post the raw footage first for votes on social media and YouTube or Vimeo. When the contest is over, you’ll already have a following watching and waiting to see the results. If you want to highlight creativity, highlight an employee to show off that talent that you helped to mold! A professional video producer will set the scene, infuse the necessary elements and allow your business to shine!

2) Create Something Different

Film your employee picnic, or an Open House. Allow a behind the scenes view of the office, or film during a Customer Appreciation Day. Take your audience on a tour of your facility, introducing team members, highlighting the work environment, a planning session or presentation. Allow your staff to introduce themselves with a favorite joke, quote, or have them explain a creative process.

3) Fundraisers

Most companies support a non-profit organization through annual events, food or clothing drives, donations, or activities like walks, runs, or booths at community events. Producing a video about your company’s partnership with an organization doubles the exposure value of your video. Not only will it be seen by those who support your company, but could and should appear in the newsletter, social media, and through channels of the organization you support, thereby giving even more back to the community. Include a voice-over of the inspiration for the event. This feel-good and community-driven video exemplifies your company’s commitment to giving back, and inspires customers who want to see their investment in the betterment of the community.

4) Music

Keeping in mind the eyes and ears you have captured for those brief moments during your video, does it warrant music? More importantly for restaurants, music venues, and especially bands, video footage of live performances are critical to engage and entice patrons. Memory is enhanced when more than one sense is used to learn or engage. That connection between memory and music, sight and sound can set the tone with a tune.

5) Take it to the streets!

Be creative with your patrons! Interview customers, pedestrians, or display a product outside the office or store for public engagement. Allow for testimonies or questions about what inspires others to patronize your business. Tell a story about a product or service, plant the seed about upcoming projects. Include footage of the manufacturing, building, cooking, or concept stage. Send a product through the entire process of planning, building, shipping, safe arrival, and customer experience in unwrapping their package or seeing the finished product they envisioned. Allow your biggest fans to share the story of your relationship and its success from start to finish.

An experience has been proven to produce ROI, not the hard-selling some are used to. We all like to laugh, be inspired and engrossed. We respond to the world around us. Show the human side of your business. Trade in the whiteboard presentation for an inspiring presentation that captures and engages the audience. Discover why people utilize your service, eat or drink at your establishment, or engage with your company. What is it that sets you apart from the rest? By using video to market your business, you can discover a new way to interact and connect with people and businesses in new and creative ways. Ready, set, ACTION!