Bree & Naomi are Creating Music!

Let me just start by saying “I love what I do”.  That is, on most days I love what I do, especially today!  The reason is because today we are launching a “Patreon” campaign titled: Bree & Naomi are Creating Music! Patreon, for those who are unfamiliar, is an online organization that helps artists to self-fund their work and invites patrons to be part of the creative process from start to finish. It really is genius!

Two and a half weeks ago, I met a new friend with whom, since then, I have the pleasure of working on a very cool project.  The video below thoroughly explains the entire project in a nutshell…but let me fill you in on the back story

I arrived early to a church event for singles and was made a table leader. Elisa, my new friend, was already seated when I walked up. I just knew it was going to be a fun event when she laughed a lot and made jokes about stealing the table pens. She reminded me of a little kid. The whole table soon entered a ‘fun place’ where we shared heartfelt stories with strangers. Strangers who were becoming friends.

The next two weeks since that event have been a blur. I do recall that somehow, I saw a Facebook post, and ended up meeting Elisa for coffee. While there, I listened to her rant on and on about these five or six or seven projects she was working on. So, I picked one and a familiar line came to me. “I want you to jump off a cliff with me.” It is one of my favorite lines from the TV show The West Wing. It’s about trust, about two people jumping into unknown territory, together.

A little about the project

For the last twenty-one years, Elisa has written, composed and sang songs to her two daughters and one son. Two years ago, she left to run an errand and when she returned she could hear her daughters, (who she also trained to sing) singing along with an Adel song

2017_0308 FB Bridge PhotoSMALL“Why didn’t you tell me you could sing like that?” Elisa asked.

“We didn’t think we’d be allowed to sing those kinds of songs,” they replied.

One thing led to another. Fast forward to late February 2017. Two people randomly meet once, then purposely met again and talked about projects. The result – the last two weeks have been filled with filming practice sessions, a recording session, writing promotional material, formulating a launch strategy, full production of a variety of video products including some 15-second promos for Facebook and Twitter.

We have over two hours of video footage, much of which we have left raw and untouched. We believe the world should see the beauty that is the real creative beings and the hard work and sacrifice this family is willing to make to see this project, this dream, become a reality.  We will be using this footage at various levels behind the scenes to give back to our generous new patrons that support us through Patreon.

We had a great soft launch and have already implemented a strategy based on the much-appreciated feedback we received. I’m sitting in my Columbia, MO office writing this post at 2:50 pm as we are prepping for this final push before we go live.

Please join us in supporting Bree & Naomi Create Music. You can do this by going to Patreon and clicking on the bright orange ‘Become a Patron’ button. We are excited to have you come with us on this journey!