Cameras for Kids: Eyes on St. Louis Photography Contest

Chemistry Multimedia, through our website and Promote St. Louis Campaign is proud to sponsor the Cameras for Kids Program: Eyes on St. Louis Representing my City Photography Contest through The Eboni Eyes Education Foundation.

Children embracing in circle around the camera and smilingThis program, created and facilitated by Eboni Eyes encourages student to see photography as an expression, art, and possible career choice. St. Louis students will photograph the rich heritage of St. Louis, offering a fresh perspective of the city through the eyes of St. Louis’ bright young minds. 

The program will include classroom activities as well as internet submissions for the contest. Eboni Eyes founder Charleese Sampras writes, “Students are encouraged to take photos of places, people and events that they deem reflect the spirit of St. Louis. Camera for Kids encourages students to observe St. Louis through a different lens, to think about their city and its impact as well as to give you a voice that will be captured and compiled into a photo book.”

The Eboni Eyes Foundation will send volunteers and staff to work with teachers in encouraging students to learn about the principles of photography and to explore potential career options. Through structured classroom visits and discussions with students, teachers will be able to share a digital camera to assist students with taking photographs.

Kids photographerChemistry Multimedia and will award the winner of the contest a digital camera to encourage continued growth and passion in photography. Students will submit an original photo and a short story or description about the person, place, or event captured. The contest runs from February 2, 2015 to March 31, 2015.

Based upon the quality of some of the iconic St. Louis images submitted, will be contacting students to participate in their project, which highlights and promotes St. Louis through those that know it best, those that see St. Louis through the lens of a camera. The site creates an opportunity for commissions to be paid to each participant for photos sold on the site.

ebonieyeslogo_v2400Eboni Eyes Education Foundation offers more programs and activities to support St. Louis students like a pen pal program and high school Senior scholarships. Founder, Charleese Sampa, created Eboni Eyes out of her own experience in struggle and success in St. Louis and beyond. The organization welcomes volunteers to read books and facilitate classroom activities, and to provide administrative support. For more information, visit the website: or email:

DONATIONS:  If you would like to DONATE to the Cameras for Kids Program, please contact Chris Kuban at or by phone at 314-603-2866.