Chemistry Multimedia Launches New Ventures…

On Thursday, December 4th, St. Louis Public Relations firm, Chemistry Multimedia, owned by St. Louis native Chris Kuban has established the Promote St. Louis campaign centered around a community-based collaborative and creative network of dozens of local and national photographers whose work captures and promotes the broad landscape of lifestyles, eclectic neighborhoods, natural surroundings, and historic buildings throughout St. Louis under their new website

Promote St. Louis rediscovers and celebrates the Greater St. Louis region through those who see our great city differently; local and national photographers. These artists capture a broad landscape of lifestyles, eclectic neighborhoods, natural surroundings, and historic buildings and monuments in this city, which was founded 250 years ago. Promote St. Louis represents an array of culture and tradition, the foundation on which the Gateway to the West was built. The campaign offers St. Louis iconic and affordable images to corporations, private collectors, and the community.

Promote St. Louis partners with aspiring and professional local and national photographers with a creative eye on our fair city. The business model offers photographic artists support and exposure through each inventive photo sold. In addition, the campaign invests in a local high quality gallery printer that provides amazing quality in each print they mount, pack, and ship.

Larry KubanSince and the campaign was inspired by negatives inherited from his late father, Larry W. Kuban, a professional photographer from St. Louis for over 50 years, Chris decided to showcase his father’s iconic images of historic St. Louis which include mid-1960’s photos of Ike and Tina Turner at Club Imperial, James Brown, and of course, Chris’ famous uncle, Rock and Roll Hall Famer Bob Kuban. Because some of Larry’s most amazing photos were taken in the mid 1906’s, it’s only fitting that this announcement, as well as the launch of this company and gallery display takes place in a modern century furniture store, Rocket Century.

Chris envisions as an opportunity to offer artists in St. Louis a way to positively promote St. Louis, and as a way to give back to the community through the Eboni Eyes Foundation, which assists St. Louis’ school children with a new program called Cameras for Kids.

Promote St. Louis GIVES BACK to our community. created the “Camera for Kids Program” in partnership with the Eboni Eyes Education Foundation, an organization founded by Charleese Malone-Sampa in 1993. The foundation reinforces the value of education by providing programs in elementary, middle, and high schools across the country. In a new approach to education, the “Camera for Kids Program” will put digital cameras into the hands of young journalism students in St. Louis, fostering artistic passion in photography and prosperity. Promote St. Louis provides a beautiful and unique visual perspective that unifies our region and instills a sense of pride.

Chris Kuban founded Chemistry Multimedia, LLC, in 2009. As a locally based company, the media relations firm delivers expertise in public relations, press conferences, video production, and highly visible media events across the country, some of which have received national coverage by CNN, 60 Minutes, 20/20, FOX News, CBS Evening News, ABC, NBC News.

Chemistry Multimedia’s core competency is creating media campaigns for corporate and non-profit organizations, as well authors, experts, and prominent figures. The company focuses in telling visual stories through video and photographic projects, a catalyst in audience engagement. The team consists of entrepreneurial thinkers who allow for projects like and Promote St. Louis to develop. The company reaches heights that other agencies simply don’t offer. Chris Kuban and Chemistry Multimedia are committed to working hand-in-hand with clients and promoting the artists, entrepreneurs, and children in St. Louis and abroad.