Communicating Vision for Nonprofits: 3 Tips for Doing It Well

Whether launching a new non-profit organization or running headlong in the direction of rebranding your current one, vision is at the very heart of what you do. How that vision is communicated will often dictate the success of the organization. For this blog post, you may see me using the terms vision and message interchangeably.  The idea I want to convey is that both are associated with how your target audience perceives the organization based on what they see and hear about it.  For a strong conveyance of organizational vision, I offer three tips for communicating vision well.



A well-communicated message will get an organization more attention, drive more support and build more advocates.  When working with an internal team, getting buy-in on the vision is a must. I touch on the importance of organizational ‘buy-in’ in “Keys to Promoting Organizational Culture”. The concept is the same. It enhances team dynamics and ensures the vision is communicated well by all parties in the best way possible.

Be Creative

Get into the hearts and minds of your target audience and learn what pushes their buttons.  More than that, learn what digital real estate they

populate and what the appeal is in that space.  It may be surprising to learn that some obscure publications or media outlets are prime areas to communicate the vision.

When unsure about what pushes your target audience’s buttons, ask. This is where it is helpful to partner with an agency and to formulate a strategy that includes focus groups and polling targeted to those who share your passion and can’t wait to support it.  The “ask” is integral to marketing strategies the team at Chemistry PR and Multimedia formulate for clients.

Be open to creative ways to communicate your vision. Create unique jargon or key phrases that will be memorable and easily associated with the vision. Look for opportunities to capture successes within the organization as they relate to the vision and share those successes across multiple platforms.

Be Concise

More information is not always better information.  Formulate your message in a way that gives your audience just enough to fall in love with your mission and want to learn more. Get directly to the emotional impact of the organization and its mission and the audience will search for the “Donate Now” button with haste. Enough said.

Be Consistent

There are a plethora of digital and other platforms through which your vision can be communicated. Use as many as is appropriate for your audience taking care not to stray from your core message.  A consistent message across carefully selected platforms and media ensures the audience doesn’t get confused about who you are, what you are doing and for whom you are doing it.  Additionally, they will be clear about how THEY can be a part of accomplishing your goals.

Don’t misinterpret consistency with overly repetitious. Repetition is not the enemy. Stay consistent with the message and repeat it often.  Building trust and recognition with the message makes it stick.

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