Crisis Is Inevitable…Use Crisis Communications Strategies!

Does your business have a crisis communications plan?

A crisis situation can’t be expected, but can occur at anytime and anyplace — as much as organizations try to avoid them. No matter what size your business, everyone needs to be prepared to handle potentially negative situations and to effectively communicate with employees, customers, the general public and the media. Factories close, people are laid off, accidents happen and crimes are committed. The unexpected has a way of happening and it’s up to the smart businessperson to prepare for these possibilities.

There are several key goals to keep in mind during any crisis situation:

• Demonstrate that your company is managing the situation effectively and responsibly
• Show concern for those affected
• Maintain the confidence and goodwill of employees, customers and the public
• Guard against negligent and/or inaccurate information
• Restore normal operations as soon as possible

Crisis Thermometer Meltdown Mess Trouble Emergency WordsBeing prepared is important during this stressful period, especially since the media plays a big role in how the crisis is portrayed to the public. Knowing what to do and how to do it helps get through the situation in a smooth and fast manner.

It is imperative to identify specific people who will be responsible for filling various roles, known as a crisis team. This team will allow an organization to react quickly and effectively, while at the same time avoiding duplication of efforts and minimizing the risk of releasing conflicting information. Having a designated spokesperson that represents the organization and is the official crisis information disseminator is also crucial. There are certain tasks that businesses MUST accomplish during a time of crisis as listed below.

Crisis Responsibilities

• Notify crisis team
• Notify senior staff/other employees as necessary
• Write/prepare statements
• Write/prepare collateral material
• Notify media
• Handle media inquiries
• Notify key audiences
• Set up communication center
• Inform operators/others who might take calls
• Rehearse spokesperson for questions

At Chemistry Multimedia, we have the expertise to assist you through those trying times either as your Crisis Communications Spokesperson or as a Media Advisor.

Don’t let a crisis ruin your company’s image because you’re not prepared. Give us a call today at 314-603-2866 to help strengthen your corporate image and assist you through your trying times.