Documenting My 100-Year-Old Grandmother…

100 Years of History

Life is worth celebrating! When my grandmother turned 100 years old last week, we had several parties to express how happy we were that the matriarch of the Schuermann family reached the century milestone.   And, just 2 days prior to her actual birthday, my sister had a little baby boy. Witnessing my grandmother hold my nephew, separated by exactly 100 years was nothing short of amazing!

Don’t let 100 years old fool you… My grandmother is sharp as a tack! She always tells the most amazing stories. And, with 8 children, 23 grandchildren, and now 33 great grandchildren, I thought it was important to document her history. Check out her story…

For me, this project was not just about telling just her story. It was about telling her stories in her own words to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, as well as many generations to come.

Therefore, on a Sunday afternoon at my Uncle’s house, we constructed the perfect set to spend a couple hours interviewing my grandmother. Unbeknownst to me, it was almost too perfect – years ago my uncle had decorated one entire wall with decorative clocks. It was the perfect setting to document her life.

As a surprise, I debuted the interview of my grandmother on her 100th Birthday to her 8 children and some of their spouses. 

The stories told in her video sparked more stories I wish I could have captured. But, being 100 years old and being impressed with new technology like a new washing machine, the telephone and the car, being filmed I could sense was one of her fears.   At the risk of taking my professional capabilities personal, I am glad I had the opportunity to document some of her life.

Inspiration comes in many ways! My grandmother has always inspired me. It was truly an honor and a privilege to document her life through her own words. CLICK HERE to see the photos I took of her 100th Birthday Party.

100 Year Old GrandmotherAs of writing this blog, only a few people have actually seen the video. And, those that have seen the video have stated that I should turn this into a business.   Well, I guess it would be cool to talk to old people and tell their life story. Yes, I can do that. But, I also have aspirations of doing so much more.