Every Life Matters!

At Chemistry Multimedia, we recognize the inherent value of non-profit organizations and the meaningful contributions they make to society. In an effort to further their good work and be a part of the solution, we have recently focused some of our time and effort to assist No Kill Glynn County. Born out of high kill rates at the local municipal facility, and the need for a proactive, independent entity to advocate for the community’s homeless animals, No Kill Glynn County (NKGC) was created on November 15, 2013. Located on the coast of Georgia, Glynn County is 585 square miles and has a population of approximately 80,000 residents. Until recently, the homeless dogs and cats of Glynn County have been at the mercy of primarily two organizations; Glynn County Animal Control (GCAC) and the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia.

NKGCAccording to Glynn County Animal Control records, during 2006–2014, approximately 47{fb2cd6ecc5ea822e7d55867f94952838aab4b89ae39846a722113040866900c7} (7,185) of the documented dogs and 80{fb2cd6ecc5ea822e7d55867f94952838aab4b89ae39846a722113040866900c7} of the documented cats (11,390) that entered Glynn County Animal Control did not make it out alive. A small portion of these deaths can be attributed to true euthanasia, which is the practice of ending an animal’s life to relieve pain and suffering. Unfortunately, the majority of these deaths represent healthy, treatable and adoptable animals, whose lives were cut terribly short by a very regressive and broken system.

Founded in 2004, the No Kill Advocacy Center has created a model that paves the way for facilities to reach No Kill status, which is defined as reaching and maintaining at least a 90{fb2cd6ecc5ea822e7d55867f94952838aab4b89ae39846a722113040866900c7} Live Release Rate (LRR). The LRR is comprised of all of the animals that leave a facility alive, whether it is through adoptions, transfers or retuned to owner. The No Kill Equation has eleven components that, when employed in a comprehensive fashion, enable organizations to become No Kill and leave the unnecessary killing behind. The following components make up the No Kill Equation:

  1. Rescue Partnerships
  2. Volunteers
  3. Foster Care
  4. Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR)
  5. Pet Retention
  6. Comprehensive Adoption Program
  7. Public Relations/Community Involvement
  8. Medical & Behavior Prevention and Rehabilitation
  9. High Volume, Lost Cost Spay & Neuter
  10. Proactive Redemptions
  11. Hard Working, Compassionate Shelter Director

While Glynn County Animal Control has yet to make an official commitment go No Kill, No Kill Glynn County has been working diligently to implement and enhance the components that fall within their sphere of influence. As a 100{fb2cd6ecc5ea822e7d55867f94952838aab4b89ae39846a722113040866900c7} volunteer and donation based organization, NKGC has given No Kill advocates a legitimate, proactive and action-oriented outlet from which to launch life-saving efforts.

As of June 30th, 2015, NKGC has altered 583 dogs and cats in Glynn County, 456 of those being community cats (TNR). They have also established a solid volunteer base, which has allowed them to foster and adopt out 71 felines, all of whom were rescued or diverted from GCAC. In an attempt to incentivize adopting from GCAC, No Kill Glynn County has also sponsored over 275 GCAC adoptions, meaning they have subsidized the adoption fee by paying half of it. To increase pet retention, NKGC has established a food bank and assists with veterinary care for low income pet owners.

These efforts, coupled with community outreach, education and strong partnerships have allowed NKGC to make great strides for the homeless animals of Glynn County in a relatively short period of time. With a positive outlook, and a can-do attitude, the volunteers at no Kill Glynn County have proven that where there is a will, there is a way. Buoyed by the enthusiastic and steadfast support of the community, it is clear that No Kill Glynn County will continue leading the charge as they do their part to make Glynn County a No Kill community.

Recently, NKGC received their official 501©(3) charitable status from the IRS, making them eligible for grant opportunities and tax free donations. To learn more, or to make a donation, please visit www.nokillglynncounty.org.