I LOVE Southwest Airlines!

I Love Southwest!Yes, I say it over and over again… “I LOVE Southwest Airlines!”

As an A+ Preferred business traveler producing media events around country each month, I have come to rely on the ease of travel and ability to change flights at any time, extraordinary customer service and free luggage! But, beyond that, I’m writing this post to affirm my commitment to continue to fly with this amazing airline with amazing values.

Southwest is known for being the world’s largest low-cost carrier and it has been said that their culture is built around putting their employees above even customer satisfaction. Yes, you read that right, and that concept goes back years!  Check out this 2004 list I bumped into, of reasons SWA employees are so motivated and inspired. It is still as relevant today as it was then.  Frankly, it makes sense that by putting the employee first, the customer is ultimately the one that wins. Happy people take excellent care of business!

But, honestly, in looking at the list of benefits to being a Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards member, you will find some truly noteworthy ones: Cool seats on mostly newer planes, an ability to earn a companion pass, an easy-to-use reward points system toward free flights, hotel stays, and more. In addition, AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!  Today, in my shout-out, it’s the customer service that puts this airline on the top of my A-List (pun completely intended)!

Check out this email I received as I literally boarded one of my latest outbound flight from St. Louis to Las Vegas.  I should also admit, I bought the seat the day before…  

 I LOVE Southwest!
Dear Chris,

During your recent travel on Flight(s) # 423 with us you were unable to enjoy one of the perks of your tier status, priority check-in (automatic check-in 36 hours before your flight). This most likely led to you receiving a boarding position that was less typical than what you have come to expect as an A-List or A-List Preferred Member.

We consider you one of our top Customers, and if you were impacted at all by this issue, we fully recognize the frustration and the inconvenience it may have caused. As a tangible apology, we will be adding 1,500 Rapid Rewards® points to your account, which will also count towards your 2018 tier qualification (A-List or A-List Preferred) if you have not yet qualified. The points will post to your account within the next 48 hours.

We value your friendship and loyalty, Chris. We look forward to welcoming you back onboard again soon.

Your friends at Rapid Rewards

Who doesn’t love when a company goes to great lengths to make the customer experience the best it can be – and so much more in today’s economy, when it is all too easy to allow lower prices to take customer care right down with it? This is not the case for Southwest Airlines. They hit the mark when customer care remained a top priority while competing for the lowest fares.

I fly a lot – as many as 6-8, one-way flights per month this year alone.  There is no shame is admitting that extensive travel is anything but glamorous. And, it truly becomes tiresome and frustrating at times. Excellent customer service by Southwest has reinforced my approval of this airline.  And, it goes a long way to making the miles more enjoyable.

These are some of the reasons why I LOVE Southwest Airlines.  Thank you, Southwest!  


Chris Kuban
Founder and Managing Consultant
Chemistry PR & Multimedia