Irina Hulse Joins Chemistry PR & Multimedia Team

Irina Hulse

Chemistry PR and Multimedia welcomes Irina Hulse to the team as our new Digital Content Curator. A magna cum laude film and television graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Irina learned all aspects of filmmaking and developed a particular interest in directing and working with actors.

While at SCAD, Irina also channeled her passion for photography, which she has recently combined with her love of all things equestrian to create her own photography business. She offers photography and video sessions to clients around the world.

Irina also competed for the SCAD equestrian team during all four of her college years. By special invitation from SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace, Irina served as an ambassador and translator for Pre Bee Lacoste.

Irina’s entire creative journey has led her to gain a substantial following on Instagram of more than 70,000 followers worldwide, and she collaborates with some of the biggest luxury equestrian brands. Irina also has a keen interest in fashion and editorial photography, and through SCAD professional collaborations, has worked with notable fashion companies, including Venus Fashion and Hilary Swank’s sustainable luxury athleisure fashion brand Mission Statement.

Irina also has a talent and great interest in foreign cultures and languages. Fluent in French and English, she is currently teaching herself Italian, Russian, Hebrew, and German. Irina’s tremendous love for animals finds her enjoying as much time as possible with her dog and her horse. 

At Chemistry PR & Multimedia, Irina Hulse will bring her unique multidisciplinary skills while simultaneously learning and collaborating with the other talented creatives on the team.