Lifelong Learning: Not just an option, it’s a Must!

Being a lifelong learner is crucial to not only today’s business world and job market but to living a fulfilling life. The benefits of committing to a life of learning can span every area of life. Work and business, family and relationships, even health and well-being are positively affected by learning.

 Learning looks different in various seasons of one’s life. Early childhood education, primary and secondary education begins the process of shaping learners into thinking and functional adults. Tertiary education is designed to increase knowledge base and fine tune critical thinking and learning skills for life into adulthood. Beyond the years of formal education, learning has become more than just an option. It’s a must.

Lifelong Learning

In most professions, including PR, education is encouraged, emphasized and integral to every aspect of the work. A formal education – associates or higher – is required for virtually any position in the field. Organizations such as PRSSA uphold the future of PR professionals through education. Similarly, there are associations and industry-specific communities, respectively, that are dedicated to continuous education. This commitment to continuous learning keeps organizations competitive, flexible and engaged with their target market.

Continuing education produces top performers. According to a 2016 study cited in Building a Culture of Learning, companies with the highest performers were those with learning woven into the organizational culture. The conclusion is, companies committed to continuous talent development attract and retain the best performers, and in turn reap bigger bottom line.

What does Lifelong Learning look like for you?

Going for the master’s degree isn’t the only avenue for success. In fact, I encourage aspiring PR professionals to consider other options in “Advice for PR Students! Certification vs. College Degree?” In today’s job market, education can come from a number of sources. Some forms of education are accepted as readily as a college degree. Professions in which a certificate holder will find success include court reporting, massage therapy, nursing, radiology, information technology and accounting.

For more information about industry-specific associations, education and support Loyola University lists a few,

  • American Marketing Association
  • American Society of Media Photographers
  • American Psychological Association
  • National Association of Social Workers
  • American Academy of Forensic Science

If you are a PR professional and are not yet a part of the largest professional organization designed by PR pros for PR pros check out PRSA. Are you a college student looking for support, educational enhancement and excellence in networking opportunities? Then PRSSA is for you!


For the lifelong learner, the sky’s the limit to what can be achieved. A commitment to continuous learning makes us better equipped to cope with the quickly changing world around us, more likely to earn bigger paychecks and enriches our daily lives.