Chemistry PR and Multimedia Launches Medical Marijuana Educational Video Series

420ID LogoWith nearly 14,000 patients and 1,450 positive Google Reviews and an A-rating with the Better Business Bureau, the medical group at has hired Chemistry PR and Multimedia to help tell impactful stories of how Medical Marijuana has had a positive impact on the citizens of Missouri.

With our help, our client recently launched 420ID YouTube Channel, to share the story of this Telehealth portal designed to connect patients with local doctors who are willing to facilitate the legal access of Medical Marijuana. The educational video series our team produced is helping 420ID explain the industry, the products and how to get a medical card in Missouri.

Chemistry PR and Multimedia is excited that our St. Louis Video Production Company to be the lead storytellers on how medical marijuana helps patients throughout the state of Missouri.

Beth Howard Story

After researching “How to get a Missouri Medical Card,” Beth Howard went to 420ID.comto get her Missouri Marijuana Card to alleviate her pains, aches and nausea from her anxiety and Endometriosis diagnosis. Beth says, “Being able to use medical marijuana instead of prescription painkillers has been a life saver.” Knowing what she puts in her body and where it’s coming from is important to her. She has been vocal on sharing her story. She hasn’t gotten side effects from medical marijuana unlike her other prescribed opioids. Her experience in using medical marijuana has been very positive in helping her live her day-to-day life.

Chris Sanna Story

On September 25, 2015, Chris Sanna (43-years old at the time) went to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball game with his family to celebrate what should have been an amazing night, his mother’s 60th Birthday. Chris and his girlfriend, Lisa left the game early in the ninth inning (about 10:15 pm) and headed for the Old Cathedral parking lot under the St. Louis Arch.  Two men in a dark-colored vehicle drove up and the driver jumped out with a gun attempting to rob both Chris and his girlfriend. Lisa gave the gunman her purse but when they both turned to run away, the gunman fired several shots. Although a US Army combat veteran, Chris Sanna was shot in the back, in his own hometown.

Doctors told Chris’ family that his spinal cord could not be repaired from the damage of the bullet, and, because of this, Chris would not be able to walk again. Over the last 6-years, Chris has spent countless hours at the Veterans Administration, in local hospitals and doing rehab and coping with the loss of one leg.

 Chris says, “Opioids are effective for reducing pain, but the side effects of many opioids can have devastating impact on every area of life.”

After getting a medical marijuana card from, Chris says access to medical marijuana has helped him take back control of his own life. He now has more clarity, better management of pain and enjoys improved relationships with the family and friends. In fact, Chris has been able to get into a productive routine without pain by using medical marijuana.

Tony Howard Story

Tony Howard who served 2 combat tours in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan. While in Falluja, Afghanistan, he fell from a scaffolding and was put on bedrest for 6 months after back surgery where he had 13 compressed disks and 3 herniated disks. Doctors prescribed him all types of narcotics and opioids to deal with the pain, but it made him angry and depressed. After doing research and realizing the Missouri medical marijuana law was recently passed, Tony decided to go to to get his Missouri medical marijuana Card.

Tony explains the “process with was very simple.” He went to the website and was in touch with a doctor within 15 minutes. Within 2 weeks of filling out the application and seeing a doctor, he had his card in-hand. Using medical marijuana has changed Tony life. The first thing Tony was able to do was to get rid of all his narcotics and opioids. Positive changes he has realized include being happier, no depression, no night tremors or terrors, he now gets great sleep with has very little back pain.


About launched in November of 2019 with its telehealth medicine platform allowing patients to virtually connect with doctors through a Zoom-like feature providing one-on-one consultation and advice regarding the use of medical marijuana. According to Article XIV of the Missouri State Constitution, 420ID’s doctors are able to approve the safe, secure and legal access of medical marijuana provided patients meet one of the qualifying conditions.

To learn more about how to get a medical card in Missouri,  please go to