The Modern Publicist…

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Not too many years ago a publicist was someone responsible for getting their client’s featured on television, in the newspaper or on the radio.   Today, we know the role of the modern public relations representative has drastically changed.

If you are tasked with the publicity of a product, place, person or company you most likely have a pretty stressful job. The reason is that the traditional role has transitioned into one that resembles a jack of all trades. The traditional mediums mentioned above have morphed to include traditional PR and a number of additional marketing strategies, like online and social media strategies, crisis communications strategies, branding, and video production. It is easy to see the modern PR Rep must master these areas and also have a creative streak.

As a chef must mix together different ingredients to create amazing courses, a construction company must use many different tools and materials to build a house and a doctor has many different options when it comes to prescribing treatment to patients.  In the same sense, the modern day publicist must use a host of available resources to do their job with an artistic approach while producing scientific results.

In today’s world, the role of a publicist is as essential as that of a lawyer or an account.  As a professional services company, our goal is to assist in formulating multiple communication strategies through multiple medium, thus leading you to a return on investment.

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The Modern Publicist

The Artist

Having an artistic approach in expressing and pitching your client is crucial.  Whether it is the creativity in the messaging, the visual assets used, the creative strategy or the implementation, having creative methodology will set any campaign above and beyond your competitors.

The Scientist

With budgets getting tighter, publicists need to take a scientific approach in managing all aspects of the process.  Performance tracking at every level is a necessity and routinely re-evaluating analytics and campaign performance. One must intentionally measure in order to effectively manage. Focus on operations and flawless execution, within budget, is at the top of most clients priority list.

Like most professions, marketing and PR has changed! The role of a publicist has become multi-faceted. By developing and implementing both an artistic and scientific approach to problems, our consultants are able to quickly adapt and thrive in the rapidly changing environment. Our efforts are geared toward rewarding you, the client, with a return on your investment.

Why Chemistry?

Our team started Chemistry Multimedia with the philosophy of being laser focused on both the artistic and scientific approach to formulating brands. We are a full service multimedia and public relations agency. We believe it takes a mixture of multiple messages in multiple medium to create your solution, a return on investment.  We are passionate and dedicated to making our clients successful.  Please call us today at 314-603-2866 for a free consultation!