How PR Can Help Build Trust For The Media

Trust for the media is at an all-time low. Businesses and nonprofits are eager to get their messages heard and media outlets are among the best avenues to get that done. So how can the PR professional break through the wall of mistrust in the media and get the story out in a believable and compelling way? Some reasons your audience doesn’t trust the media are key to understanding how to craft a great message and make it stick. Here are some of those reasons and tips for cutting through the fog.

Expecting media to spin the story without max input

Media enjoys having as much information as possible when they pick up a story. When the story feels exceptional, however, they may run with it even if they don’t have all the details. The results can be in an inaccurate story, at best, or a public dung-storm at worst. Retractions are ZERO fun and the egg usually lands on the face of the representative PR agency. Avoid problems by being prepared and providing all the facts. Don’t leave it to others to spin the story correctly.

Crossing the fine line between fact and opinion

How reporters decide what stories to feature depends on a few factors. Advertisers can dictate what is covered, leadership concerned with ratings can also determine what is covered and how much detail is to be included. It’s all about what will gain the most attention for the media outlet and the advertisers. News outlets can gain trust by communicating their methods and being transparent about how a story gets featured, including the criteria by which they are chosen. Because the PR agency is focused on getting client stories featured for the benefit of the clients, it is important to know what drives the media being pitched. Is it a quest for connecting with the community or simply a product-driven by the money?  

Not enough positivity

It is well-known that bad news is picked up first and fastest. Feel-good and community interest stories always take a back seat. For businesses and non-profits aiming to get exposure can be left in the cold. It is important for consumers to be informed even about the negative things happening in their communities. But there is something unifying about good news, positive news, news that builds a sense a community and leaves a positive impression about the people and businesses involved.

Sacrificing expertise for lack of budget

Businesses, nonprofits and foundations may have internal personnel assigned to pitching stories to media. This task may be one of many assigned to a single person or a department. Without a dedicated person or team focusing on messaging, stories, and media pitching details all too often fall through the cracks. The best way to ensure messaging is accurate, monitored and properly pitched to vetted media, it is a good idea to hire a professional agency. Even better is to hire an agency with experience in the industry that best matches your organization. The professionals are held to the highest standards and are committed to see that the client shines. These standards are exercised when vetting, pitching and following media through the storytelling process.

Getting clients to trust the media is not an easy task given the environment of today’s news. As a professional PR agency Chemistry PR and Multimedia understands the complicated news circles and works hard to get stories told in a creative and compelling way. That’s the goal for our team and the clients we serve.

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Chris KubanChris Kuban started Chemistry Multimedia with a vision to effectively formulate corporate and non-profit brands across the country. In doing so, he has become an expert in Media Relations, Event Management, Social Media implementation and video production.  He engages, coordinates and oversees a diverse team of local and national suppliers, vendors, employees and consultants, allowing him to successfully coordinate over 120 national events focusing on overall logistics, media relations and his clients expected ROI. Follow him on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn