The How and Why of Repurposing Content

Matt Press, in his Splash Copywriters Blog post wrote, “Mankind is wired to love stories.” For businesses, a well-told story can change everything, including the bottom line. For nonprofits and foundations, the story is especially important because it evokes the kind of emotion that attracts supporters and raving fans and again, a bigger bottom line.

Because a story that gets picked up by media can be especially impactful it would be a shame not to share that content and share it again – and again. Here are 5 ways to repurpose great content and why you should.

Share on social media. Businesses use social media to share personal and business content and to actively engage with people they love and people they do business with. It can be the best place to share a good story that has been featured in the media. Fans, friends and followers on social media often extend farther than a local media spot reaches so it takes the story and the business’s message to places not otherwise reached.

Turn it into an ad. Staying with the social media idea, a paid advertisement using featured content is a great way to take that message even farther than the fans, friends and followers already mentioned. Social managers can create a specific audience based on who is most likely to be compelled by the story and in turn, more likely to become the next customer, supporter or raving fan.  

Write a blog post about it. Writing a blog post allows content to be shared with subscribers and others who may or may not catch a social post but may accept an invitation to visit a business website or blog page. A post is a great way for the author, typically leadership in the featured organization, to share what the news feature accomplished for the organization.

Share the clips. If your story is featured via video, purchase the clips. Embed them in prominent places on websites and social profiles. Share them socially and via emails to drive attention to websites or landing pages featuring your product, services, or causes. Driving traffic to digital real estate is the best way to showcase your business or organization.

Use feature clips to pitch other media markets. When a business or organization has been featured in one market and wants to reach another market through its own local media contacts, great content speaks for itself. Our agency uses great media content filmed in one market to pitch an event we produce in another market. It is a great way to give the media a good look at the story we are asking them to cover locally.  

It takes five to seven times reaching out to your target audience to reap the benefits of your efforts. Repurposing great content, like a featured story, reinforces your message, improves visibility organically and helps reach a larger audience. Don’t allow great content to work once and then sit idly by collecting dust.

When Chemistry PR and Multimedia gets s client’s stories covered in the media, we enjoy getting more mileage out of the content by pushing it out as far as possible. Not only does the client get more ROI, but our agency also benefits from more and better media relationships. Everyone wins.



Kathy Barnes brings more than 15 years’ executive level administrative and marketing experience to the team. Her skills include project management, research, writing and editing, and client representation. Kathy has worked in marketing and administrative support roles for small companies and large corporations ranging from general and specialized construction to public safety communications and engineering. Follow her on Twitter, or connect with her on LinkedIn.