Rocket Century Hosts Promote St. Louis Party!

Chris Kuban December 4th 2014 – What an exciting day for everyone involved in the launch of Promote St. Louis, Chris Kuban’s personal tribute and campaign to honor his father, Larry W. Kuban and many talented photographers in the St. Louis area whose photos depict the rich history and culture to promote St. Louis is a positive and uplifting light!

The morning press conference kicked off the launch of at Kristina Starr’s Rocket Century. Kristina opened her doors to her friend Chris Kuban, the founder of Chemistry Multimedia and Kristina graciously shared her space with staff, supporters, the Eboni Eyes Foundation, and the media to launch new campaign Promote St. Louis.

Rocket Century was the perfect spot for the press conference and launch. The store offers vintage modern furnishings in an eclectic and energizing setting in the heart of St. Louis South City. Rocket Century has allowed Promote St. Louis to showcase and sell some of Larry W. Kuban’s work of photographer Larry W. Kuban, whose best work reflected the 1960’s-‘70s style of music that complemented the atmosphere represented at Rocket Century.

*IMGP7793With great pride Promote St. Louis welcomed Eboni Eyes Foundation created by Charleese Malone-Sampa, a US Navy Officer who, at a young age overcame obstacles in foster care, poverty and becoming a teenage mother.  She attributes her ability to overcome these obstacles and become a healthy and productive citizen to her education. She created the Eboni Eyes Education Foundation, named after her daughter Eboni, as tribute to those who helped her when it was much needed and as a mechanism to make an impact in the community and pay it forward.

Charleese’s spokesperson Vesta Towels shared the vision and mission of the organization and described the programs that served the community. Geraldine Malone, or “Gerry” spoke poignantly for her daughter about her own family struggles and her admiration for her daughter Charleese in fulfilling her dream in creating the foundation. Promote St. Louis is proud to donate funds from sales to the organization, as well as raise funds through GoFundMe, created in partnership with Promote St. Louis.

GoFundMe Logo.smallChris launched a GoFundMe campaign in effort to market the startup of and the Promote St. Louis campaign.  Chris is determined to create effective solutions in supporting the photographers that have partnered with the campaign. In fact, to date, he has partnered with over 20 photographers with the hope that sales of the photos will provide exposure and financial support to grow those entrepreneurs in the city. In addition, the funds will be used for marketing purposes. At Promote St. Louis, we believe that sharing the history culture of St. Louis doesn’t need to be shared with only the affluent. That’s why we offer our photographs at affordable prices to corporations, collectors, and the people who make up the community in our great city.

As the day of the launch progressed, the photos were displayed for shoppers to purchase. Partnering photographers of the campaign arrived at Rocket Century to share their visions and love for the art of photography and the program. The evening culminated in a meet and greet at Rocket Century but the event doesn’t stop there! Larry’s work will be on display during store hours from December 5-20th. Please come to Rocket Century Furniture and check out the site. Let’s Promote St. Louis with pride and perspective through the lens of creative photographers who want to adorn the walls of offices and homes in St. Louis and reminder us of our rich heritage and cultural diversity.