Small Business Saturday: Need a PR Firm? Choose Chemistry PR and Multimedia!

Yes, #ShopSmall can include a PR Firm like Chemistry PR and Multimedia

Obviously, #ShopSmall is the not just a cool seasonal hashtag and a buzzword for Small Business Saturday.  It is a call to support your community and the small businesses that make it great! Are you a gift giver? Do you enjoy discovering new and not so new businesses in your community This is your day to celebrate and support local small businesses and all they do for your community.Support Local Businesses
By supporting and hiring small companies like Chemistry PR and Multimedia, you are committing to help entrepreneurs build communities, wealth and opportunities.  We’d be honored to represent you!  But, Consider these additional benefits to joining the #shopsmall movement. 

Builds Community

Shoppers – #ShopSmall builds community. People love to live in communities that are thriving and growing. Thriving and growing don’t just happen. Shopping and doing business with local small business is the best way to make it happen. There is a ripple effect – the value of a strong community helps build and maintain the value of the neighborhoods within that community.  Strong communities, then, are associated with the quality residents want and will work hard to be a part of.  

Businesses – when a business is providing high-quality products and services, the word gets out quickly. Local patrons are eager to spread the word when family, friends, and neighbors are looking for that perfect gift shop, contractor, or mechanic.  How often have you shared a great local shopping or small business experience you have had?

Builds Wealth

Shoppers – spending money in local businesses and on services from local organizations seems hardly a way for shoppers to build wealth. Wealth can be measured in more ways than simply counting money. Think again about the ripple effect of doing the #ShopSmall thing in your local community.  Consider the local contractor who sources materials, tools, and resources locally. People that own or work for small business also patronize other small businesses.  In these ways is wealth poured back into the community keeping goods and services priced right and increasing the value of property within the community.

Businesses – there are people behind small local businesses – people with a vested interest in the success of the business and the community. Using creative marketing techniques that appeal to communities in a special way attracts even more business.  That is a wealth builder for the business. An additional wealth builder is the creation of new opportunities to re-circulate local dollars back into the economy.

Builds Opportunity

Shoppers – especially during the holiday season, shoppers are looking for unique gift ideas. Gifts with that personal touch are always welcome, and keep shoppers coming back for more. Shoppers are looking to small local businesses for items they can’t or won’t find in the large chain operations.  They also appreciate new and innovative ideas, and the variety found when shopping small business.

Businesses – strengthening the community includes creating jobs.  Local jobs encourage local spending. Local spending builds stronger schools, stronger community service organizations, and attracts more business to the community.  This circle of opportunity is what makes a community strong and able to withstand tough economic times.  

I hope you have discovered new reasons to #shopsmall on Saturday, November 25.  Don’t forget to shop small service organizations for your business too!  Chemistry PR and Multimedia enjoys providing services to businesses and non-profits organizations to our neighbors right here in St Louis.  Are you ready to tell your story? We want to hear from you.  Contact us today!