Ideas for getting your small business noticed

It’s Small Business Week 2018!  There are millions of small businesses in America today, and that is good reason to celebrate with a whole week dedicated to them. Why do I feel so strongly about small business?  Because I am one of them.  In my specific industry one of the most common problems I hear about in my circles is finding new and innovative ideas for getting small businesses noticed. As a PR firm that works closely with business marketing strategy this is especially important to me. I love to curate great ideas, create great ideas, and then turn those great ideas into revenue for my clients. Here are some of the best ways for small businesses to get noticed during Small Business Week and well beyond. 



This is where Chemistry PR and Multimedia shines for small business. Creating a great video or feature story for local media about business owners and their teams is one of the best way to get noticed.  People want to do business with people they trust and that really connect with them. Sharing a story via video is a visual and experiential way to do that. Pegging the video or feature story in a catchy way also creates cool memories to share over and over. 


Show off your stuff

Small Business Week falls during the Spring months when people are ready to get out and enjoy community events.  Take advantage of opportunities to showcase your offerings at these events and meet your next prospective customer. Take some swag and samples so those who stop by to meet you won’t soon forget you.

Have a Party

catering foodIt sounds counter intuitive, but it works.  Invite that handful of prospects you have been talking with and trying to win over. Invite people in your community that you would like to meet (and who might know others you would like to meet). Do it up right. Serve classy appetizers and cocktails if appropriate and just enjoy starting or nurturing relationships. Your goal is simply to get people into your business and help them to know you. You will leave a great impression. Celebrate your small businesses-ness!

Recognize other small businesses

The “givers get” philosophy is the platinum ticket here. Small Business Monthly is a local publication that does a really great job highlighting small businesses in the Greater St Louis Area. Every month small businesses are featured, and the people behind the businesses share insights and experiences.  Not in the Greater St Louis Area?  Chances are your town has a publication just like this one. If you want your small business to be noticed, first reach out to those who are featured in the publication with a congratulations or heartfelt small gift (swag, of course). If you really want to get noticed offer up some insights of your own or share a great idea and submit it for publication. Celebrating the successes of others and offering advice are both great ways to get noticed – and referred!

Entrepreneur in his modern coffee roastrery and distribution spa

There are 30 million small businesses in the nation. Be one of those small businesses that consistently stands out in the crowd. Find those qualities in your business and your team that sets you apart from the competition, then showcase those qualities deliberately and passionately.

Do you want to integrate those great qualities into your marketing plan? We are ready to help. Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s work together to get your small business noticed.