Chemistry Multimedia Moves Into The T-REX Building

img_146865_2Chemistry Multimedia, a St. Louis based Public Relations, Marketing and Event Management firm has moved their remote offices into the T-Rex building which is located in the heart of Downtown St Louis. The co-working space at the T-Rex, Lammert Building in the 900 block of Washington Ave. offers the perfect environment for creativity and innovation for St Louis start-ups and entrepreneurs. It is the perfect environment the agency has been looking for, with just the right mix of space options. There are large open spaces encouraging networking and collaboration for large groups and events and private space options for meeting needs for both functionality and privacy.

t-rex_logo-stacked-e1465226769529The T-Rex business model is uniquely designed to support the vitality of the St Louis community and encourage creativity for the start-up entrepreneur. Chris Kuban, founder of Chemistry Multimedia says “we are excited to join the vibrant and fast growing entrepreneurial community in St Louis. In much the same way as other start-ups are growing exponentially in the T-Rex environment, it gives our agency a unique approach to seeking new opportunities and growing quickly.”

The team at Chemistry Multimedia is a diverse group of movers and shakers with equally diverse levels of experience in marketing and public relations.  The agency has served large corporations and non-profit groups of all shapes and sizes. We enjoy meeting and working together in various places, always looking for fun and inspiration as we work to formulate our clients’ brands. In the media relations services business much of the work we do requires flexibility on the part of the team and flexibility in terms of where and how we implement our creative process. The need for great collaborative space has become apparent in recent months and moving into the T-Rex space puts us right in the heart of a great city offering that inspiration and so much more. 

At Chemistry Multimedia we are entrepreneurial thinkers, marketers, special events producers and media relations’ experts based in St. Louis, yet we easily work with clients from Los Angeles to New York and beyond.  Just a few years ago our agency filmed a short documentary in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

img8412750xx5216-2934-0-272We look forward to using this new space for hosting Public Relations events and meetings large and small. The space will serve as a fun and inviting atmosphere for educating, networking, and entertaining our current and prospective clients.

Learn more about Chemistry Multimedia, LLC by calling Chris Kuban at 314-603-2866 or going to the website at