Video Marketing For Restaurants…

Restaurants are able to secure growth through the right advertising and marketing plans. Unfortunately, some just don’t have the budget. Restaurant owners mostly focus on food and liquor costs, payroll, building upkeep and theft. Social media gives restaurants new opportunities to advertise and market with a low budget and high return on investment.

Well- produced Restaurant Marketing Videos are a powerful advertising tool that produces results through Google’s algorithms. According to Kissmetrics, a trusted source in evaluating SEO results, videos appear in the top 70% of 100 search results and when placed in blog posts, double exposure. In fact, viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to go to a restaurant after watching a marketing video.  Check out one of Chemistry Multimedia’s latest marketing video for Yaquis on Cherokee…

Restaurant marketing has taken on an identity of its’ own in utilizing strategies that combine customer experience, production, atmosphere, location, emotion, and product placement. And, if any industry needs to stay afloat for the long-term, they invest wisely in video marketing. Given the failure rate in restaurants of up to 30% within the first 2 years and 49% after 5 years, equivalent to any small business over a 5 year span, restaurants that survive understand that they have to become creative in their marketing. Choosing the right marketing representative or firm means finding the fit between the video you envision to represent your establishment and what the firm can deliver and has done in the past.

Video content marketing is different from traditional advertising. Restaurant videos should exude pleasure in the dining experience and ambience of the atmosphere. There are a few key components in restaurant marketing videos. Choose the styles and feel for your establishment to formulate a strategy.


Music sets the tone. From the first second of the video you are keenly aware whether you’re being invited inside a folksy comfortable eatery or French bistro. What do you want to say to your customers? Will you use a live musician stock music to showcase the restaurant? Is it upbeat and positive or low-key and subtle? Before choosing what music you want, consider your customer and what music they’re going to enjoy while watching your marketing video. Consider trying a couple different styles and then get feedback form some of your team.  

Atmosphere and Ambiance

People describe restaurants as having a “feel.” You walk into a place and know almost immediately whether you want to be there. In a video, it’s important to show the place. But, panning around the room to display chairs or woodwork (unless themed) can be spared and replaced with diners’ experiences.

Video Transitions

In some of the videos I’ve seen, transition happen so quickly from dishes to desserts to drinks that my head was spinning and I didn’t grasp the full effect of the experience. Dishes are important but make up only a fraction of the experience. Studies show that almost all people watch restaurant marketing videos to the end so watch how much time is spent on each aspect of your restaurant.

The People

The dining experience includes setting, food, and service. The most natural videos have components of food preparation, service, and side work. Be careful not to fill those precious seconds with too many carrots peeled or in one case, an entire fish deboned. Capturing the staff in full swing without being prepped or rehearsed allows a peek into the feel of the place. Of course, patrons eating, drinking, and chatting adds that sense of community we love after a day or week of work. Beware of including interviews, though. One marketing company included unrehearsed interviews of more than 3 people who were told to “act natural and start when you’re ready.” Precious time lost. And the responses? “Food is great.” Great, great, great from all three respondents. Ouch.

The Hard Sell Versus Soft Sell

Consider how you want to present your restaurant to your potential customer. Is it a hard sell of stating “We make the best pizza, so you need to come in and buy?” Or is it, “We believe in community. We believe in atmosphere. We believe in the revitalization of St. Louis. If you believe in the same things, come on down. Oh, and by the way, we make the best pizza in town!”   Both are suitable pitches. However, in the Soft Sell approach, the customer is more drawn into the reason why the restaurant exists and why they should buy into the corporate philosophy.   Take the time to consider your approach.

You don’t have to be an expert in marketing or advertising to know how to shoot or direct a video. You know what your restaurant means to you.   Be clear on the message you’d like to convey. Take your time. Gather your team to collectively share experiences and ideas with your marketing partner. And, don’t forget to smile! A restaurant is made of many components but most often, the people come to see the owner and staff. That’s you!

Developing strategies can be difficult. That’s why our team at Chemistry Multimedia is excited to work with you in helping you establish your message through short marketing videos placed online, reaching thousands of potential new customers. If you’re interested in enlisting our services, please check out call us at 314-603-2866.